Today I had a free day in the studio!!  woohoo…that doesn’t happen very often – there’s normally always something to prepare for.  Anyway, today I decided to simply play around with “whatever”.  I cleaned my workspace free of everything and grabbed a few things out I haven’t played with for quite a while and just started experimenting.

What would happen if I do this?

What if I add this on top?

What if I folded it this way?

What would happen if I put these two together?

It’s always so much fun and my journal was definately on hand to take some notes so I don’t have to ever ask these “what if” questions again!

I ended up with some really cool things at the end of the day.

These are some of my experimental tiles.

Played with shapes and surface treatments.

I really love this one.

A good play but lots more to explore with this one.

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8 years ago

Loving your discoveries playing with what if. Those little dots, like colored pepper shaken on, are particularly intriguing. Found you from The Polymer Arts Blog, now will be visiting regularly.

Julie Benner
8 years ago

That last one catches my eye, because the top part reminds me of a pine-tree-lined shoreline in northern Michigan. And I love the gold and orange, too.