What a whirlwind few days at The Clay House in Perth.  I met some beautiful people, saw some incredible artwork, played with clay with some awesome kids and had loads of fun.

I have to thank my hosts, Fleur, Richard, Heidi and Harry for making me feel so incredibly welcomed.  What a beautiful family – and all so talented.  Fleur creates some amazing works of art using porcelaine clay (which I’m not overly familiar with) and has some exciting projects coming up in the future.  You can check out her work here:  http://fleurschell.com/

Huge thanks also to Danica and Beste for helping organise the workshops and of course Chantelle for assisting during the workshops.

The majority of these kids have never worked with polymer clay before and many of the parents have never heard of it before – although a few mentioned FIMO, which seems to be the common response when you ask people if they’ve heard of polymer clay.  Well we certainly educated lots of people about the wonders of polymer clay and there are many more addicts now!!!  Always great to see.

What an amazing job the kids did!

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