I managed to find time to have a quick walk around and snapped a few pics.  This first one is priceless.  This is the sign in the window of the local prospecting shop in Mt Magnet.  
Shop Hours
Open most days at 9 or 10 occasionally as early as 7, but
somedays as late as 12 or 1.  We close
about 5.30 or 6 sometimes about 4 or 5 but occasionally as late as 7 or 8. Ssomedays
or afternoons we aren’t here at all and lately I’ve been here just about all
the time except when I’m someplace else. 
Have a nice day. 

Hmmm trying to pass these on the open road is a bit of a nightmare.  They are soooooooooooo long.

Incredible Sturt Desert Pea.  They are so beautiful in real life.

The main street of Mt Magnet.  The streets are incredibly wide which was usual for mining towns in their hey day.

Yes Kato clay in the Outback.  Sold at Mt Magnet Post and Lotteries.  Good on you Jade.

Big open skies, lots of stars at night and country going on forever – precious.

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