I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone into the studio with a rough idea of what I wanted to play with, only to find I progress onto something else and then onto something else and in the end I’ve created something completely different to what I started out intending to do.  
Yesterday for example, I wanted to play with spikes and that’s really all I wanted to do – makes lots of grungy spikes.
So I made my spikes and left one of them plain because I knew I wanted to do something special with it. I then thought, hey I might make some squarish ceramic looking beads to go with the spikes.  Well they completely turned out wrong – too thin and looked a bit like a chain link maybe.  So I made a few and joined them together – yeah I liked that!!  

 I then thought I could make round ones to break up the square ones. – Perfect!!

 My plan was now to make a longer chain with larger rounds and coloured squares. 

So I ended up coming back to the spike today but this time they because part of the links and I was really happy with this one.
Don’t you just love how things progress sometimes?
Oh the spikes ended up with a makeover too.

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8 years ago

I -LOVE- this progression of things and thoughts! Thank you for sharing. And I adore the final piece with the rectangle and the spike.