Gemma Baker is an incredible Jewellery Artist living and working here in Geraldton.  Her work is astounding and I especially love her recent works in the Everlasting Collection – oh my gosh – stunning!!!!

Baker Williamson Studios, under the direction of Gemma, have organised the Baker Williamson Studios Art Prize 2015.

This is the Artist’s brief:

“The transformation of our Midwest’s vast and somewhat baron landscape into a spectacular display of nature peforming at its best bursting into a magnificent array of colourful wildflowers”.

Hmmm…..wildflowers…..polymer clay….wonder if I can??

Sometimes it’s good to push ourselves outside our normal boundaries and this is exactly what I decided to do.

If you want more information on the Art Prize check out the facebook page here:
and definately check out Gemma’s incredible pieces in her Wildflower Collection.

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