So it’s pretty handy having a hubby that’s a builder.  There’s all sorts of good stuff in his rubbish bin in the shed.   He always has a mountain of wooden offcuts so I found a pretty cool use for them.

I made all these stamps quite a few years ago and they are simply sensational for polymer clay.
I’ll show you in the step by step pics.
Take some wood offcuts.
Heat your glue gun and have plenty of glue on hand – you’ll want it!!
Glue gun away!!!!
Press into some clay.  I used three colours – black, light blue and white.

Shave slices off the top to reveal the beautiful pattern inside.

Okay if you don’t have access to wood offcuts why not try the back of a mounted rubber stamp.  

Try to use stamps that don’t have the shiny coating as in the pic above or simply remove coating before applying glue.

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Christine Witton
9 years ago

Have glue gun – even sparkly glue! and wood offcuts. Must start making designs as soon as eye is OK.

Mary Anne Loveless
9 years ago

This is super cool, Debbie! I am gonna go play right now!

9 years ago

Wow, thats awesome Debbie,love it!

Dani Rapinett
9 years ago

This is awesome Deb! I've actually never seen this done before.
My brother is a cabinet maker so lots of wood offcuts 🙂