After many years of chatting online I finally got to meet Dani from The Whimsical Bead in person – yay!!!  Dani, very kindly, invited me to teach at her studio and I jumped at the chance.  I couldn’t wait to meet her and of course the students who had enrolled in the classes, many of whom I’d also chatted to online for a length of time.  I was pretty excited!!!

Friday was our first day of workshops and we had two projects planned for the day.  Students had booked in the for the whole day so we could pretty much plan the day however we wanted.
Our projects were Image Transfer Beads and Impressed Components.  I was excited to be teaching students who had considerable experience with polymer clay and jewellery making.  The workshops were primarily technique based and I was concerned with creating individual components that could be worked into the own jewellery designs rather than complete an individual piece from start to finish.
We spent the morning working with chalk pastels which was incredibly messy but so very rewarding.  Check out some of our amazing work spaces.

and let’s check out some of the finished pieces.
We moved onto Image Transfer Beads in the afternoon class and I have to say, these turned out pretty sensational.  The picture simply doesn’t do these beads justice.  Everyone created amazing beads.  I’d like to point out here we used Lisa Pavelka Waterslide Images for these beads – simply stunning.
Huge thanks to the gorgeous students who came along today and especially to Dani who ran around after me all day.  Love to you all.

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Dani Rapinett
9 years ago

An awesome day!