You know, I’m sure we all have those cringe-worthy pieces of polymer clay tucked in a box or at the back of a drawer somewhere.  I have some horrendous pieces that I’ve created over the years – but you know what, they are all important.

When I first started experimenting with polymer clay, I never used to record anything.  I would just make stuff and if it was good – yay!! if not, it would just go in the bin.

Nowdays, I record or take note of everything I do…..even the failures.  The failures are awesome!! and recording the failures is even better, because I know I won’t make those mistakes again.

A huge pile of “failures” in this lot but at least they won’t happen again.

Lots of failures here too – this is a great way to record your experiments.

I like to record everything.

It took some time but is well worth it.

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9 years ago

Love your experimenting and research! Your results are showing your success with your work! Well done!