Make a very cool, two colour striped sheet.  I simply created two different colours of a striped veneer and cut slices from each one of varying thickness.  Pop them together, alternating colours and voila! you have a really cool sheet to play with.

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coucou Débbie merci de partager cette trouvaille
c'est très joli on dirait du tissu
bonne créations

Elizabeth Ramsland

Thanks, Debbie. I'll give it a go. It looks great.

Elizabeth Ramsland

Hi Debbie, how do you join the veneer strips? Putting them through the pasta machine would distort the pattern, wouldn't it?

Claire Maunsell

Lovely, Debbie! I love cutting up veneers and re-assembling them, it is great fun! But yours is truly sophisticated in the colour combinations!

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