So workshops are finished – time to head home soon but not before we kick up our heels.  I’ve absolutely loved this adventure.  It’s been awesome to have Raina with me and together we’ve shared a wonderful journey with polymer clay into the Outback.  

We had a yummy dinner, played pool, did some go-go dancing and laughed…alot!!  Now I know it looks like we are the only two in the whole pub but there were actually 5 of us all together – BIG NIGHT!!!! 🙂  We had fun!!
Thanks to Raina from ACDC for creating the project – Art in the Outback.  Thanks MMG for the funding and huge thanks to all those who were involved in organising or participating in the workshops.
Champions…yet again.

Raina getting her go-go on.

…and go-going again.

Karen (Cooke) I have my little white tutu on but it’s a bit hard to see in this pic.  Will have to get a better one to show you.  

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Vintajia Adornments
9 years ago

Congratulations on your successful outback teaching adventure!