So it’s the first day of workshops and we ended up with 7 local ladies – pretty awesome for a little town of 200.  These ladies had never heard of polymer clay before so it was basically starting from scratch.  I came out here with a bit of a plan but decided to wing it mostly.  I started with a really basic jellyroll bead because that’s always a favourite for newbies, then we got into some mokume gane.  I showed them all sorts of small spacer beads and lots of other bits and pieces.  The next day we worked on the “grungy stuff” which of course is my favourite but nope – they loved the pink and purple swirls!!!  Let’s continue the story in pics.

This is the gorgeous group.  Thanks to Raina for taking this pic.

Margaret creating some gorgeous swirl beads.

Hard at work creating mokume gane discs.

Charmaine with her stunning mokume gane sheet.  Wait til you see the finished piece.

Sondra proudly wearing her “swirly” beads.

Vicki also looking really happy with her creations.

Valarie with her finished necklace.

Di working on a creating a gorgeous pink colour.

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