After lots of preparation, planning and packing, I was finally ready to pick up Raina and head out into the Outback.  Raina is the Manager of the Arts and Cultural Development Council in the City of Greater Geraldton and was keen to get out into these communities to make some connections, so it made perfect sense for us to road-trip it together.  
Let’s tell the story in pics shall we?
Entering the outback – about 50km’s from Yalgoo.
Oops forgot to take a pic of the sign heading into Yalgoo from the West so took one on the way back but you get the idea.

This is the main street of Yalgoo.

This is the view from out little room at the caravan park – love that red dirt.

and this is our little room.  Beautiful rammed earth building.
Behind out room – lots of empty land that goes on forever.
The beautiful Railway Station where the workshops were held.
This is the front of the building.  Can you imagine what this would have been like in its hey-day.
The race track.

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