Well when I say the outback, it’s really only 3 hours inland from us.  You can drive alot further into the outback but this is as far as we’re going this time.

First stop is Yalgoo.  They say Yalgoo is where the outback begins – just 6 hours North of Perth and 2 hours East of Geraldton.  It’s home to many kangaroos, emus and giant bungarra lizards – blimey..let’s hope we don’t encounter any of those.  Total population – 406.

We have a day and a half of workshops in Yalgoo and then on to Mt Magnet – another hours drive inland.  Mt Magnet is Western Australia’s longest continuous goldmining centre since 1891 and is home to the famous Hill 50 Gold Mine (Australia’s deepest and for a time, richest underground gold mine).  Hmmm do I take my metal detector??  Population of Mt Magnet – 750.

Both Yalgoo and Mt Magnet are rich in history and I’m really looking forward to learning a little more about these towns.

Today was a final play to create samples for the workshops.  Hope you like them.

These have been coated with a layer of pure liquid clay and I must say they look pretty special in real life.  

Textured disc beads.

One side of the carved disc bead.

The other side of the carved disc bead.  I like this side the best.

I’m calling these “Cheezel Beads” because my kids tell me they look just like cheezels!!!

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