Yesterday hubby and I took a walk around the block to check out some of our beautiful native Aussie trees and shrubs.  I took my camera with me and looked a little closer than what I normally do…and wow, there sure were some incredible things to see.  This was an early morning walk so there was still quite a bit of dew on the leaves and flowers.


Just look at the amazing colours in this pic.  Beautiful pink, yellow and grey.  This is a large tree with velvety looking leaves.  Inspiration overload here.  I love the way these flowers slowly open to reveal the hundreds of stamens.  The shape of these pods is quite stunning and once the flowers have finished and the pods have blackened there is a beautiful star shape on the inside.  Of course none of these were around for me to photograph.




I simply love the shape of this.  When you look closely it’s one large pod with lots of little pods covering it.  I love the little stars in the centre of each one and then the spindly, long tendrils coming out from the middle.  What a gorgeous piece.




Look at the way these stunning red stamens spiral outwards.  This flower is in half bloom so you can see some of the stamens fully extended and some ready to bloom.  I love the movement in this piece.



This is a beautiful flower and looks gorgeous from afar.  Up close each flower is quite feathery and soft.




I just love the way the water pools on these leaves.  They are very velvety to touch and the water just sits on the surface and puddles until there’s too much water and it quickly drips off.  These are my favourites.


Gorgeous spiral bark on the branch of a tree.



And a stunning banksia flower once it’s finished blooming.  These are spectacular from beginning to end.  I love the random placement of the seed pods in the large flower and once they open it’s a different look again. Perfectly balanced.



Teeny berries in the sand which look like little cherry tomatoes.  I love the colour combinations in this picture.
Sometimes it’s nice to look a little closely at things – even through the lens of a camera.  Look at the different colour combinations – nature gets it right every time.  Check out the shape of the different pods you might see or the different shapes of the petals.  Breath in the fresh air, relax and get inspired.

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9 years ago

Wow! Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing!

Nelly May
9 years ago

Glorious pictures Debbie!