I loooooove mixed media.  There are so many different products out there that work beautifully together.  My gorgeous homeschool kids came to me on Friday so we dragged out all the “fun stuff” and got creative.  We made fabric and lace beads and organza flowers and I have to say the  results were sensational.  I got a few pics of the incredible beads and flowers they made but unfortunately the pics I took of the kids in the studio didn’t turn out.  We had 3 tables full of goodies and mayhem everywhere – it was so much fun.

Let’s have a look at what the kids created.  Next up we’re going to work on a canvas – mixed media style – we loved it that much.

Fabric, lace, ribbon, wire, glue gun, thread, beads, organza, metallic wax, friendly plastic.

Gorgeous organza flowers.

The finished flower sculpture.

The yummiest beads ever.  Kids loved these ones.

Beautiful organza flower.

We created 3 hanging strands with all the beads we made.  The blue acrylic beads tied everything in nicely.

I just love the finished result of these mobile.  Needless to say – so did their mum.

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