If you haven’t read my previous blogpost about this project let me explain a little bit here.  Pia Boschett is a local resident who “grows her own pearls” off  the midwest coast of Western Australia.  For the last few years she’s taken her boat, a crew of willing volunteers and headed off to the Abrolhos Island to assist with Clean Up Australia Day.  She came back with a boatload of rubbish and put a challenge out to all – come gather your beach junk and create an artwork!!  What a brilliant idea.

I decided to gather a carload of “beach treasure” and see what my gorgeous homeschool kids could do with it.  I got the kids to help me bring the “treasure” into the studio and I so wish I had a camera to capture the look on their faces – especially Kye, the youngest.  He was mortified we were going to create something with “junk”!!!  It was hilarious.

The kids created the most amazing pieces which then went on display at the Flotsam and Jetsam exhibition held at Pia’s shop, Latitude Gallery.

Check out some of the pics.

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