I thought I would share a few more pics of the “scenes” we’re creating for Harley and Lanlach.  We got our order mixed up a bit so had to shoot pics of the second scene before the first – all a bit confusing – best to just get to the pics.
The proposal.  

uh-oh where’s the doggie doodoo bag!!

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Meet baby Ajax.  He’s going to be playing in a sandpit so we just created a head and then a part of his body.

The second scene – their “house”.  Rachel did an incredible job on this one.

Rachel making pixie sticks.

Baby Ajax in his egg.

This is my pic of the second scene.  Rachel has done a much better job than me.  Check out the pic of Baby Ajax’s egg on the wall.  Rachel has every detail covered.

Gorgeous Rachel!!

This is Gippy’s corner of the room.  

Uh-oh Gippy’s done a poop on the monster skin rug!!

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