Gippy is a gorgeous little thing…and she’s another UCI (Unidentified Character of our Imagination).

Gippy is owned by Harley and Lanlach and is a much loved pet in their little family.

Today Rachel brought Gippy to life and what an incredible thing it was to witness.  From originally creating the characters on paper with Rachel, to then seeing them “grow” into a 3 dimensional being is truly amazing.  I loved every second of it – today was awesome.

Best to show you in pics…..oh and by the way, it appears Rachel is a natural at polymer clay!!!

Rachel getting a feel for the clay – about ready to start.

Body created and ears done – yay!
Hmmmm what sort of eye should Gippy have?

She definately needs a mouth.

oops – it appears she’s a boy!!!!

yummy – “eyeing” off that cake!

he now has a collar……..

and little black ears and tail – yup definately a boy!!

oh my gosh – he’s just sooooo cute.  Those fangs are adorable.

Proud “mummy”.  Well done Rachel – he’s sensational.

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