Dusty and I decided to have a play around on the weekend to finish off Harley and she’s turned out quite beautiful we think.

No wonder Lanlach is madly in love – she’s a classy sheila!!!

Dusty has created all her shoes – she even did itty bitty stitching in the sandshoe – oh my gosh – that girl can work teeny!!

Rachel created the handbag when she was here the previous weekend (the same time she created Gippy).  She’s a bit of a natural as I said.

Let’s check out how Harley evolved.

The sandshoe with teeny stitching and striped sock.
With all her legs!!

With arms, skirt, belt and bag.

She’s looking hot!!

and yes, she has fishnets under that skirt!!

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Alice Stroppel
10 years ago

Just imagine have 4 feet to wear fabulous shoes on….she's IS a truly classy Shelia