Oh my gosh – she’s coming together beautifully.

Best to tell you in pictures:

I started by making her body shape then figuring out where her sparkly boob top was going to go.  I had to work out a scale pic with measurements so I knew the proportions were going to be right etc.  These boobs don’t stay as you’ll see in the end.
Next I had to make her beak.  You’ll note in the pic she has teeth – I tried them but they just made her look angry so I made an executive decision to create her “toothless”.  I think she’ll be okay and I’m sure Rachel will be okay with it too.  By the way – these teeth are soooooooo tiny.  Whoever works in minitures is nuts!!
So now to  create her eyes.  I kept them simple because there were so many.  If she were larger they could have been elaborated on.  We chose the size of the characters at the initial design stage so I wanted to stick with these the best I could.  

I created a leaf cane (ala Donna Kato) and made her head feathers.  The individual pieces worked beautifully spaced around her head.
She’s coming along quite nicely.  Note the change of colour of her boob top.  Much nicer……with a hint of green mica for sparkle.

And onto making her pleated skirt.  An inlay veneer – veeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy thin – #8 on the pasta machine actually so was pretty tricky to get those skinny dots out.

Texturing seemed the best way to embed those dots into the base sheet and of course hid all my mistakes.  Texturing is great for doing that!!!

Tomorrow you’ll see Dusty working on her shoes.  Dusty is my daugher (13) and is quite incredible at working “teeny”.   Happy to have her part of the collaboration or Art-Nership.

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