Firstly let me put it out there – I am not a sculptor of any sort.  So trying to create characters (namely Harley and Lanlach) in polymer clay is reeeeeaaaally extending myself.

I’m not trying to create an incredible work of art – definately not.  For me, the art is the process of collaboration.  From the instant the pencil goes to paper, to the final photograph of the finished piece – the whole process is a work of art.The polymer clay scultpures are simply a small part of that.

When Dani and Natalia put the word out about their project –  ART-NERSHIPS: ever thought of embarking on an
art collaboration?’ I knew it was something I wanted to be involved with.  Dani and Natalia are specifically looking at how art collaborations can take an artist outside their normal boundaries (and hell yeah – it’s done it already for me).

So in saying that – you may look at Harley and think “well she’s not that special” and “really not that well made” – just remember she is but a very small part in this large project – which I’m sharing with the incredibly talented designer Rachel and now, it turns out, my daughter Dusty.

Let’s see how it all turns out.

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