Symbolic Beads

Make beads with meaning! In this class, you'll learn to create polymer clay beads using molds to add symbolism. These beads can be created to suit a theme or create them just for fun.

Debbie Crothers Polymer Clay Artist and Instructor CraftArtEdu Tutorial Symbolic Beads

Affirmation Totem

Learn to create healing art. In this class, I'll will show you the steps to create an Affirmation Totem, a piece of polymer clay art that can help you work through your feelings on any number of topics. Learn the techniques for the individual components, then put them together to create a totem or a meaningful piece of jewelry.

Concentric Circle Pendants

Learn to create three fabulous paint veneers that you will then use to create an eclectic pendant of concentric circles. Experimenting with a variety colored clay and different paint colors will yield amazing and varied results. I've included some bail variations for added interest!

Ring Mania

In this class, you'll learn to create a basic polymer clay ring base, and then the fun begins! Make two variations of the basic ring, then learn to make a polymer clay "eroded rock" to place on top. You'll also learn how to make a bezel to hold your eroded rock on the ring base. Finally, I'll offers two bonus projects! You'll learn to create two different eroded rock components that you can use to make pendants or brooches.

Hollow Tube Bead Pendants

In this class featuring stills, narration, and video clips, you'll learn how to create this unique Asian-inspired hollow tube bead and pendant.  A range of surface treatments add interest to this beautiful piece.

Image Transfer Beads

Learn to create lovely beads and cabochons using three different image transfer techniques. In addition to the image transfer techniques, you'll learn to embellish the beads to seamlessly incorporate the images into the bead design.

Flower Power Bangle

Learn to create this pretty flower bangle with an antiqued crackle finish and wire inserted for extra support. From there, you'll learn to create two more variations using the same techniques: a second bangle and a lovely flower pendant.

Flowers Three Ways

Learn to create three beautiful polymer clay flowers in one class! I'll first teach you how to make petal canes and petal insert canes. Then I'll show you three different ways to put them together to make lovely flowers.

Surface Embellished Bangles

In this class, you'll learn to create two polymer clay veneers and embellish them with acrylic paint, alcohol inks, glitter and more. Wrap the veneers around a bangle form and add additional embellishments like join wraps, cups, and foiled dots. Once you learn these techniques, you can wrap the veneers around anything or use them as wall art.

Surface Embellished Beads

Make stunning beads from scrap clay with a variety of surface techniques. I've been creating these beads for years now, and I'll teaching the techniques for the first time in this class! Learn about the tools and materials you'll need and the technique for the basic bead in Part 1. In Part 2, you'll learn to create three more beads, plus variations, by adding onto the basic bead with materials like foils and embossing enamel.

Contemporary Tribal Pendant

In this class, you'll learn to create the necklace components, embellish them with porcelain paint and disperse dyes, and put them together with basic wire-working techniques. As a bonus, you'll also learn to create a faux lampwork bead using porcelain paint and Friendly Plastic.

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